The simple things.

Sometimes the most revelatory discussions can be about the most basic, intuitive phenomena. It’s the act of bringing the logic behind these intuitively known correlations and connections to the forefront of our consciousness that opens our eyes to a whole new world view. 

When you bring what we instinctively know to our conscious awareness, we then have the opportunity and possibility of applying the same rules and logic of what we intuitively knew, to somethong we didnt intuitively know. From there, a lot of things could be revealed. A whole new world view could be formed.

Take Tolstoy’s commentary on the application of foreign machinery, built for foreign cultures and traditions, to the Russian way of farming. The machinery was made for societies with different prioritiea and at different developmental stages. When applied to Russian agriculture, rooted in the set ways of the Russian peasants, of course there would be incompatible aspects that affect the succesa and efficacy of the machinery usage. This is logical and we know intuitively that methods applied should fit the subject’s traits in order for maximised efficiency. 

Apply that to something we may not intuitively know. The force feeding of a workplace’s culture and regulations to a misfit. Those rules and guidelines have worked for the company for years. Yet they are failing to engender productivity in a few employees. You think for ages, why can’t they function well in this setup? You puzzle over it. And it’s right there staring you in the face. The machinery applied doesnt suit the subject’s traits.
I’ve always found abstract ideas easier to gradp and decipher. Details and closeup concerns, on the other hand, have ofteb left me floundering and clueless. Applying that logic of incompatie traits and systems helped me realise just why i can’t function well in this environment, tested and logical as its rules may be. Simple and straightforward to others, perhaps, but such things are precisely what stumps me many a time. Thinga right in your face, things so close  to you they marr your understanding.

Application of intuitive logic to a whole other situation.