It’s in the small things.

So much of the beauty in the world isn’t found in vast landscapes, mountaintop views and deep sea diving. Sure, these sceneries are breathtaking. And given a chance, I would fly off to any such location in a heartbeat.

But most of us have work to deal with. Responsibilities. Limited free time, limited vacation days. So, it becomes impractical to live life waiting for such moments to descend. One can’t spend the majority of life slogging away in dreariness just to gain a short span of enjoyment in these foreign, faraway sceneries. Of course, if you live in Iceland, Austria, Switzerland etc., then…well, whatever. Good for you.

I think it was a few years back that I read a phrase in a book. It had something to do with finding beauty in everyday things. Enjoying the sheer miracle of life, nature and existence. I won’t try to quote it, not when I can’t remember it verbatim. I’d probably destroy it.

Anyway since that line, I’ve been starting to take notice of the everyday ordinary things. Things with such beauty that the thought that they exist blows my mind. Sunsets, for example. Flowers. Plants. Spiderwebs. Spiderwebs glistening with dew drops. Stretching cats, dark-eyed dogs. Just so much beauty at every turn. The textures of stones. The feel of sand.

I’m creating this journal as a means of capturing the everyday beauty I notice. The supposedly ordinary objects and beings that catch my eye and dips me in wonder.

It’s in the small things.


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